Served with salad and baked potato
or choice of two sides

Rainbow Trout | 17.99

 A pinky-white flesh with a mild, delicate nut-like flavor

Arctic Char | 19.99

 Similar to salmon and trout but milder with a firm texture and finer flake

​Chilean Sea Bass | 22.99

Mild, rich, buttery flavor - moist, tender texture - large flake

Halibut | 24.99

 "The Cadillac” - dense, moist flake with a mild, sweet flavor

Swordfish | 19.99

"Steak  of the Sea" - firm, meaty texture with a slightly sweet flavor​

Walleye | 22.99

 Sweet, mild flavor with a delicate fine flake

Kanpachi | 22.99

fresh, clean flavor with medium-firm texture & large flake

Orange Roughy | 19.99

Sweet, mild flavor with a most firm texture and large flake

Sockeye Salmon | 22.99

Full-flavored, with a firm texture and medium flake

Coho Salmon | 22.99

A mild Salmon with a  firm flakey texture 

Mahi Mahi | 22.99

Sweet and firm, with a moist large flake 

Wahoo | 22.99

mild-sweet taste and firm texture with a flake

Grouper | 24.99

 lean and moist with a distinctive yet mild flavor, large flakes and a firm texture

Striped Bass | 24.99

Rich flavor and a large, firm flake]]]\

Peel & Eat Shrimp | 9.99
Calamari | 8.99
Mussels | 9.99
Fried Oysters | 12.99
Pierogies | 8.99





Ham & Cabbage
French Onion
Maryland Crab